Final Spasm of Autofellatio

I promise to return to this blog soon, or maybe later than soon, but not quite never. In the meantime, you can read this little ditty of closure about the Gawkerist non-saga. Names are named! But you knew all those names already, because some of them are yours.


Where I'm Blogging From

It's a beautiful day to not go to work. Or rather, to work at home, untroubled by human contact or the demands of hygiene. As of today, I start my new regular gig as editor of Gridskipper, replacing the rotating lineup of guest editors with my permanently gorgeous presence. It's sort of like taking up perpetual residence in a transient motel, or marrying the sluttiest girl from high school. I mean, it's been months, and I still can't get that Krucoff stank out of the upholstery. Feel free to drop by and/or contribute your super-cool city travel advice to tips@gridskipper.com. Just slide the tips under the door and leave, as I cannot greet you. The lights and noise of your surface world confuse me.