Still Alive, or Merely Twitching?

Why am I the last to know that this blog has been forcibly shut down? And where is my fetching sidebar cartoon likeness, I ask you? I'm quite pleased to get lumped in with TMFTML and Washingtonienne of course, though I'm afraid I decrease both the talent and zipless-fuck average of the trio.

I shouldn't quibble about being forcibly shut down, as distraction and laziness could be legitimately considered forces, and they have certainly strangulated posting here and elsewhere to a wheeze. My excuses include transitioning to a new vocation and finishing up a swarm of minor assignments. Next week: big changes and sweaty announcements, I promise you. The master plan is still intact and percolating toward yet another startling anticlimax. Be there/here!


That Horse Ain't Dead Yet

After Krucoff. (Really, when are we not after Krucoff?)

Disclaimer: Elizabeth Spiers was the founding editor of Gawker.com, then later a reporter for New York magazine, and is currently the editor-in-chief of mediabistro, of which current Gawker co-editor Jesse Oxfeld was previously the editor-in-chief, before which he worked at Inside.com, which was co-founded by Kurt Andersen, former editor of New York magazine, currently edited by Adam Moss, a former editor at the New York Times, which occasionally ran articles by Christian Moerk, current contributing writer to mediabistro's fishbowlNY, currently co-edited by Rachel Sklar (who also has contributed to the New York Times [and who may have gone on a date-date or two with Newsweek reporter Michael Hastings (who recently guest-edited Gawker "incognito")]) and Elizabeth Spiers, still as of this point in the disclaimer the editor-in-chief of mediabistro, which runs frequent contributions from Greg Lindsay, previously a media writer for Inside.com, who incidentally once wrote a very bad and naughty and distorted article for Business 2.0 about Nick Denton (a perfect gentleman), then served as guest editor on both Gawker and Gridskipper.*

*Disclaimer: The writer of the above disclaimer, Chris Mohney, previously of Gawkerist, has also served as a guest editor for Gridskipper, guest-edited this week by Will Leitch, co-founder of The Black Table, which has in the past published contributions by Sklar and Mohney, at least. [Continued on reverse side.]


The Hotvolution of Wonkette

Nice redesign. And much love to T. Colon and the police sketch artist at the WSJ, but I think the new portrait really captures that sumptuous collarbone, teasingly bare shoulder, and succulent orange lips. Mmmm.

What, this is all I got after two weeks off? Stay tuned. Developments afoot. More later, maybe more sooner.