Not GM-Related .. or IS IT?

Most excellent. Best conversation we've had all week. What joins us all together in this group project is not just an abiding interest in the subject matter (us), but a heartfelt joy in watching Krucoff suffer. He could bring out the gleeful sadist in an unmolested choirboy -- and no one loves it more than Krucoff himself, who's the first genuinely devoted automasochist we've ever encountered. He exhausted us with close to 200 emails in that first week alone, confirming and denying (often simultaneously) that were Sac, Chris Gage, Lockhart Steele, TMFTML, or a combination of these, and/or in their employ, individually and/or severally, and of course, factotums (factotae?) of Denton. All true of course. Every word. Fortunately, there is some evidence that Krucoff does physically exist, and for that we're grateful. If he didn't, we'd have to invent him inventing us. Like they say in Vermont, "Freedom and Unity." We'll spend our holiday minding the store and holding down the #7 slot in the quality rankings. Eat that, Margaret Cho.