Lies, the Damned LIE, and the LIRR

We're looking forward to a wonderfully gray and cold Memorial Day weekend not spent in the Hamptons, nor will we be interested in seeing what goes on out there, Mr. Binn. However, other than trudging through the hateful new advertisements hatching like vicious tapeworms in GM's RSS feeds, all is quiet in Dentonspace today, which means we must regretfully spend a few moments attending to real-life concerns such as food, shelter, and fighting to expose the biggest music theft and mystery in history. But just a note about those Hamptons. We actually enjoy Nikola Tamindzic's photo work on Gawker's Team Party Crash, because Tamindzic makes everyone look like they're creeping around inside a David Fincher movie. But even we were taken aback by this picture from the Hamptons Magazine launch. It appears the young lady is being assaulted by a reanimated cadaver in fashionable denim. The Southampton zombies are no longer satisfied with lobster rolls. Shoot for the brain.